US Customs Firms Code: O-664

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Port Everglades Terminal

Our Mission

By providing operational expertise, high-quality customer service, and forward-thinking solutions, we safely and efficiently manage terminal and stevedoring services.

Terminal Particulars

Port Everglades Terminal provides stevedoring and terminal services to shipping lines that connects South Florida to global markets.  Our facility handles over 30 vessel calls each month, predominantly carrying containerized cargo. Non-containerized cargo such as yachts, oversized cargoes and heavy lifts can also be handled by our facility. Our attention to detail is second to none! PET is an essential part of the supply chain, offering a broad range of services designed to move your cargo quickly and efficiently through South Florida.

Size: 40 acres / 16.18 ha

Refrigerated Container Capability: 598 reefer plugs (432 in reefer racks – 116 wheeled – 50 standby)

Truck Gates: Inbound:  5 (4 scaled)   Outbound: 4

CBP AQI Perishable Cargo Inspection Services

On-terminal - All weather inspection platform consisting of 116 dock-high covered trailer positions, each with dedicated shore power for refrigerated container cargoes.

CBP Dry Cargo Inspection Services

On-terminal quarantine areas allowing for 150+ container positions for general (dry) container cargoes.

Highway and Rail Access

Direct on-port access to I-595 with near by interchanges to I-95 and Florida’s Turnpike. 

On-port inter-modal container transfer facility operated by FECR

Terminal Equipment

Rubber Tire Gantry (RTG): 4 - KoneCrane 60 Ton E-RTG w/ Twin Pick

Top Loaders: 13

Reach Stackers: 4

Empty Handlers: 3

Yard Tractors: 37