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Trucking Company requirements for access to Port Everglades Terminal

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Know Your Responsibilities

It shall be the responsibility of the trucking company to review the rules and regulations described in the Manual with its staff and drivers. Our safety, security and operational guidelines apply to ALL trucking companies accessing PET. Trucking companies as well as their drivers are responsible for knowing and following PET’s safety, security and operational guidelines. A violation or a refusal to comply with these guidelines may result in a suspension and/or cancellation of your company’s access agreement.

Access and Compliance

In accordance with mandates set forth by federal, state and local government agencies as well as PET’s Facility Security Plan (FSP), all persons entering a restricted area must be successfully vetted through PET’s security. Depending on the current MARSEC level, all persons entering and/or exiting PET are subject to screening at any of the various check points located throughout the facility. All persons are expected to comply with security protocols as described in the Manual.

Identification Credentials

ALL individuals MUST conspicuously wear a valid Port Everglades Identification Card or Port issued VMS visitors badge at ALL times. ALL drivers must have a valid TWIC in order to gain access to the restricted areas. No TWIC renewal receipts shall be accepted in lieu of a valid TWIC. NO EXCEPTIONS.

SILO (Security identification and Logging)

In addition to those requirements set forth by 33 CFR 101.100 – 555, Trucking Companies shall be obligated to maintain a database listing their insurance policies and those individuals it authorizes to haul on its behalf. The process shall be managed by each trucking company using SILO’s secured web interface.

RFID Transponders

SILO integrates RFID transponders with the driver database both at security vetting levels as well as some operational levels. At a future date to be determined, Port Everglades Terminal shall require all trucks entering its facility be equipped with an RFID transponder of the nature to be determined. Note: RFID transponders project implementation date TBD

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