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Information about mandatory appointment requirements at Port Everglades Terminal

Make an Appointment

Effective July 31st 2023, Port Everglades Terminal (PET) has successfully completed its transition from Forecast to eModal.

Container inquiries, fee processing, and appointments, for both imports and exports, will now be processed through eModal.

Forecast Online is no longer providing visibility to truckers, shippers, or BCO's.

If your Support Team is not already onboard with eModal, we ask that they register and become familiar with the platform as soon as possible.

Appointments are required for all truck transactions, including imports, exports, empty returns, and empties for bookings.

Emodal Training Information

Additional user training and FAQs can also be obtained through the below informational video library. To view a video, click one of the selected topics.

Overview - Fee Payment Video - Appointments & Pre-advice - Container Watchlist - Booking Watchlist - Group Code Watchlist -

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