US Customs Firms Code: O-664

Dangerous Goods Declaration Pre-Arrival Notice

Export Hazardous Cargo Declaration Notice Export Hazardous Container Gate-Off Times

Effective April 17, 2014 (revised June, 2017)

Port Everglades Terminal (PET) requires that all Export Dangerous Goods Declarations (DGD) be provided to the terminal no less than 1500 hrs on the working day prior to a related container’s arrival. In addition all export containers loaded with hazardous cargo must have an appropriate and active gate transaction no later than 1500 hrs daily.

Sample Dangerous Goods Declaration

How to submit your Dangerous Goods Declarations

via Email ONLY to preferably in PDF file format. Other electronic file formats shall be accepted so long as the content is legible and does not require any sort of enhancement or manipulation. Please ensure your DGDs are properly completed PRIOR to submitting for pre-arrival.

After submitting your Dangerous Goods Declarations

Upon receipt your declaration(s) shall be reviewed for USCG compliance. DGDs must match those authorized by the corresponding shipping line’s booking.

Declarations found to be in proper order will be pre-arrived into our gate system. Declarations that are not in proper order shall not be processed. A message detailing deficiencies will be provided to the party that submitted the DGD. Once deficiencies are corrected the DGD shall be pre-arrived into our gate system.

Upon arrival to the Terminal

Upon arrival to the terminal, hazardous containers with prior pre-clearance will have their placards and marks visually verified. If the placards / marks are in proper order the driver will be fully processed. 

In the event placard(s) and/or marks do not match those required, drivers shall be provided with a trouble ticket indicating the deficiency and escorted off property. Once deficiencies are corrected drivers shall be allowed to bi-pass any queue which may exist (at pre-gate) so long as they have the trouble ticket previously issued, and as long as their return is prior to daily cut-off times.

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